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The best scholarship for talented kids. Win scholarship, prize money and recognition.

A student's mind needs to be ready for the competitive world right from the beginning. Child Academy is giving an opportunity for students to prove themselves by conducting a scholarship exam. The exam can be taken by students of classes V to X. It is conducted to recognize and reward the exceptionally brilliant students.

Rewards for our star performers from each class are as below:

  • Publicize the photos and scores of winners in Child Academy website and social media.
  • Students will also be rewarded with certificates, which will be send to their homes / schools.

Child Academy’s scholarships reward exceptional performance and help achieve long-term goals in educational success and future career. We understand that motivation is the key for achieving educational progress and success and scholarships are a great way to inspire meritorious performances.


Child Academy’s merit scholarships are seen to benefit a student’s personal growth. This achievement will help the educational needs of those who have personal liabilities. The recognition of one’s efforts proves to be a game changer, as far as the future is concerned.


Child Academy’s scholarships helps a student focus more on studies without worrying too much about financial resources to support education. The student is able to achieve better grades due to an easier absorption of knowledge and this increases the chances of a bright educational future.


Child Academy’s merit scholarships are a great addition to an educational resume. Students winning scholarships naturally get shortlisted by prospective educational institutions and they also have better career prospects due to such superlative achievements. It is also easy to gauge one’s own aptitude and make future course selections based on this insightful understanding.


Child Academy’s scholarships are a substantial financial incentive to needy students. The assistance often helps one afford expensive textbooks and even cover part of their academic fees. This can be a great confidence-booster for the student and also assist parents who may not be able to afford the modern costs of education.