Limitless learning and possibilities

Online Learning Aid

Want to be a bright student? Child Academy is an innovative Online Learning Aid that intends to make a difference in student education. Through a fun learning environment, Child Academy has brought about a turnover in education for students of classes 5th to 10th. A lot of research has been undertaken to create Child Academy to be most user friendly, compatible, easy to use, informative and economical. Child Academy which is technology oriented has the ability to unlock greater potential in student learning with wide opportunities.

Extra Practice

Child Academy provides the best content, chapter-wise questions, assessment questions and exercise questions etc.The user-centered experience facilitated by Child Academy, combined with the convenience of online learning, offers an effective and additional support to classroom education. Child Academy also facilitates comprehensive explanation of concepts through various multimedia platforms. The practice sessions and tests provided by Child Academy leads to thorough understanding of concepts and gain extra practice outside of their classrooms.

Self evaluation

Child Academy allows complete monitoring of learnt concepts through its practice tests. The pictorial and graphical representation of students report on performance in practice tests, allows students to make self evaluation about what he/she knows and can do in relation to the outcome. Child Academy also helps students to pinpoint areas of improvement, based on subject. Child Academy's reports enable easier understanding of grading process for both teachers and students, and assess student performance.

Improve skills

Child Academy ensures that students improve their skill with respect to speed and accuracy. It also develops ownership and accountability for students in determining how they learn, the academic goals they wish to achieve, and how online learning can help them to perform better in academics. Child Academy is a powerful tool to assist students and teachers to meet their academic demands. It also enhances online skills accessing information, communication and proficiency that are necessary for learning and succeeding in school as well as in life.

Outperform in Exams

Child Academy ensures that students outperform in exams. With Child Academy, students get exposed to the practice questions that cover the entire syllabus. The practice test in Child Academy is a very organized and structured content to prepare students for achieving good marks in their exams. Child Academy also enables students to track their level of preparation and improves it by practicing more tests, which in turn enables students to be confident about appearing for the exams.

Value Based Questions

It has become very important nowadays that there exists a need for imparting proper values among the children. Our country is in need of an educational system which is value oriented. Such lessons must be taught from a very young age. CBSE board has already implemented value education in its curriculum and questions based on it will be included in final board exams. Their main focus is to create awareness among students about the social environment they are part of. Child Academy has also incorporated value based questions in its practice questions, which enables them to score better and to grow up to be responsible citizens.