Child Academy Makes Education Smarter And Comprehensive

Child Academy is the last word for parents aspiring to better learning resources for their child, or a student intending to improve performance through constant practice. It addresses academic performance parameters relevant to today’s education scenario. In a competitive environment, Child Academy’s approach gives a student the optimum opportunity and edge to prepare using an exam-scenario. It helps a student to plan better with the help of a robust reports system that gauges performance over time. The interface stresses on more practice to gain experience in handling questions related to the subject in all possible ways.

Promo Video

Child Academy encourages students to understand concepts, eliminate learning gaps and apply the learning to real world problems. Check out our promotional video of Child Academy to make the right decision for your child!

How to register

Child Academy has curtailed every concept into granular units of learning. This short video provides you with valuable insight on how to do practice sessions in Child Academy.

How to practice levels

Child Academy's progressive learning methodology ensures better grades for students. This video demonstrates you with the step by step procedure on how to register into Child Academy.

Child Academy transforms every child

Child Academy helps our children grow independent and perform better by continuous practice. As a result, children get a feel that they are gaining skills and becoming self-sufficient, there by grow more confident in their abilities. This video portrays how Child Academy enables a student to achieve better grades in studies.

Child Academy’s resources are well researched by competent teachers/curriculum experts in India who have considerable years of experience assisting students in preparing from an exam point-of-view. A support team of content researchers, measurement experts, editors and test developers designs content to meet all academic needs ascertained by the teachers’ panel. A sample student group tests the practice and exam interface to help the development team ascertain ease of use, accuracy and strength of learning input. Often lack of practice is considered as key reason for poor performance in school exams and Child Academy addresses this with adequate number of tests that can be taken any number of times to improve reaction time, confidence, performance and overcome test anxiety.

Child Academy also adds and enhances a teacher’s teaching approach. Teachers everywhere will find the site useful in augmenting their students’ performance and also understand their progress in a comprehensive manner. Students can take the standardized tests and teachers can see how they are doing in relation to students from other parts of the country. Child Academy evolves its content periodically as it gauges student performance across its subscriber base making the practice inputs relevant and up-to-date.